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Yeah we know... that's what you whisper to yourself thinking of Italy...

Images of unparalleled beauty come to mind: natural landscapes and a millennial long civilization blends in a unique, unrivalled way .....your mouth watering, thinking of a simply yet so sophisticated caprese salad or those perfect, delicious spaghetti with vegetables and, of course, that amazing gelato... Few places live up to the clichéd expectations: Italy is really just like in the photos and films, plus you get the sun and a nice breeze on your skin. 

What you need to learn is that Italy has much more to offer beyond the charming stereotypes: there are so many undiscovered places, where authenticity is the local DNA, waiting you. 

If you crave for experiences that take you out of the well-known touristic paths and into the soul of local culture, then you came to the right place: Benvenuti!

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