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The team
A small, flexible, dynamic, caring, creative, quick responsive team, full of life and fun. We love working together and we are connected to a network of wonderful suppliers and guides we are proud to call friends.
Angela Favali
Silvia Gabrieli

As a former ancient history scholar, Silvia spent a lot of time researching stories and myths of long-lost civilizations. At home in a dusty archaeological excavation as well as in a cozy tea room, she loves listening to tales of travels and adventures, the more exotic, the better. Sci-fi and fantasy books, along with video games, are her favorite things to discuss because in them there is no limit to the places one can visit or the different lives one can live. She strongly believes in a positive attitude, smiles, and kindness

Sabrina Santi

Sabrina has been travelling to far-flung, exotic places from an early age—and telling stories about these places all the while. The age-old craft of story-telling is in her blood, passed down from her father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and honed over the decades to the level of high art. So sit back and relax as this intrepid raconteur spins her wondrous tales. Need an inspiring travel idea? Sabrina is the perfect person to whip up something magical.



The youngest in the team, Guendalina is the girl-Friday: she checks out the paper in the recycling bin is reduced to confetti, helps  moving things and documents from one office to the other, smother in kisses anybody that need that hug-me-now moment and all just for a cookie.  

Simona Santi

Simona's seriousness has an important function - making sure everything at Fandango tour operates the way it should. But don't let this grumbling queen of the books fool you. Under that crusty exterior beats a heart of gold. Doling out aspirins when her co-workers aren't feeling well. Making runs to the gelateria when the weather is scorching. Tactfully leaving espressos beside laptops when the team need an afternoon pick-me-up. The mother-hen of Fandango tour, Simona not only keeps the business running smoothly, but the people too.

Anna Marzarotto

Master in Marketing and Economics, Anna spent some years  globe-trotting (her family wondering if she’d ever return) to finally set back home, in Bassano Del Grappa.  A skilled ski and sailing instructor she knows better than anyone to care for her clients: part leader, part dreamer, part radiant socialiser, Anna is a firecracker with a penchant for the next adventure. 


Benedetta Tonello

A talented cartoonist, this beauty conceives and designs our entire graphic, transferring our ideas into delicate vintage images. Her gift is so great we sometimes wonder if she actually comes from the magical dimension or from a Disney dream. 


Ottone - aka the party-starter - makes sure everybody is entertained here at Fandango. Although his official job is to wag tail and welcome friends and clients popping-in at the office, he volunteers frequently on remembering everybody that moving and fresh air are always producing great ideas: shall we go for a walk now?

Our people

Our friends, our heros on the road

Bruno Ferraro

Bruno makes Superman looks draggy: left a career in digital marketing sprinting out of the office at the motto "outodoor is free", Bruno started biking, literally, across Europe. In 2018 he challenged himself at the Transcontinental, a self-supported solo race across the Old Continent, from Flanders to Greece, ending up, a 4000 km and 40.000 mt elevation gain later, among the first to make it to the arrival line. A gentle soul, Bruno is a quiet guy who speaks softly and helps whenever one needs support. But he is also the kind of strong athlete who pedals out of our office in Italy one morning, and ends up in Scotland a week later!

Federico Gaino

Born in Genoa, pied-dans-l’eau ça va sans dire, yet his gaze is always direct to the mountains, so, no wonder he spent most of his life wandering on forests’ footpaths, hiking mountains and biking on rolling trails. Married to Manuela, father of three, Lorenzo, Martina and Carolina, Federico has a degree in Environmental Sciences and is a licensed mountain guide, passionate about his land’s ancient traditions, foods and wine which he is eager to share with our friends.

Davide Franco

As a true Piemontese you would expect Davide to be detached and changes-reluctant as people of Piemonte are notorious for. Nothing more far from reality. Davide is an endless enthusiast, silverquick, ready to pack light and embrace new adventures, doing everything with that coolness, laid-back attitude you wonder if, in effect, that is where his Piemontese DNA shows up.  A ski and snowboard maestro in winter, kite-surf instructor in summer, Davide speaks a bunch of foreign languages, but he is also an unwearying listener, busting out the unexpected pun, an art he has mastered working as a barista for an entire summer. 

Martina Mazzari

A radiant, lively creature, with an irreverent sense of humor, Martina, or Zia Marty, is a multifaceted, talented artist: kids’ tales writer, photographer, painter, sculptor , jewels’ creator .. her artistry doesn’t seem to posses a limit, continuously fueled by her curiosity and travelling. Anytime she announces her next travel, usually to Africa, where we suspect she learned the art to listen and talk to animals, we question if she is really direct there or, if, actually, she is paying a visit to the realm of faery, where we can only imagine her laughing and dancing with her sparkling sisters. 

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