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Venezia and the Veneto
Venetian Rowing Lesson

We'll first introduce you to a traditional batelina: once one of the most common boat in the city but now extremely rare, they make an exceptional rowing boat for their stability and ease at moving.
For your lesson, we'll first concentrate on the basic stroke for rowing a prua (at the prow). Soon we depart, and you'll get used to stroke as a Venetian gondolier, premando and stagando, as we glide along a wide, quiet canal. We'll then cross then into the expansive, open lagoon, where you'll be encouraged to try rowing a poppa - steering the boat yourself at the stern, just like a gondolier. What a fun!

  • From
  • Start / Finish Venice / Venice
  • Activity Level Everybody's cup of tea | Families with kids
  • Length 2 hours


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