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From the heights of the Alps to the plains of the Po Valley, Piemonte boasts of various enchanting landscapes. Wild rugged jaw-dropping mountains are the back scenery, elegant castles and ancient villages dot the countryside and the valleys, then land becomes softer and generous between the Tanaro and Belbo rivers: the perfectly combed vine countryside of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero, a UNESCO heritage treasure, the beauty of Lake Maggiore, with its jewels of human civilization such as the Borromeo Islands, and Torino, the Piemontese capital, full of history, charm, magic, and surprises - a chapter on his own in this fabulous trip. 

Following the flow of Po, the longest Italian river, you'll meet elegant and aristocratic towns where, in spite of their industrious soul, the lifestyle dogma is to slow-down: no surprise Slow-Food movement was born here.  

Tinselled with more Michelin stars than any other region, Piemonte is an undiscovered paradise for foodies and wine lovers alike: from its most celebrated wines, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and the king Barolo, to Alba white truffles, from incredible savoury cheeses to the Torinese perfectly mastered chocolate art, prepare yourself to a feast of the belly each day you'll spend in the region.

Benvenuti nel Piemonte!



Piedmont Biking and Walking
Discover the pastoral delights of Piemonte, the home of Barbaresco and Barolo: you'll bike on rolling hills, across lush vineyards, walk through historic towns and share memorable meals and laughter with the winemakers and families that make this region renowned for its food, wine and company

Egyptian Museum Private
After hours, visit of the Egyptian Museum (largest Egyptian collection in the world after the Cairo Museum) with an archaeologist.


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