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A windy land made of granite, basalt and limestone, pervaded by a dense and rough Mediterranean scrub with its inebriating scents, dotted by megalithic remains, the mistery of the Tombs of Giants and the nuraghi, ancient Roman towns, medieval towers and fortresses. Nature gives it best at Capo Testa where the wind sculpts the rocks into incredible carvings, the rocky tangles of Gennargentu, the green lake of Lake Omodeo, the canyons of Gorroppu gorge, the awesome flamingoes' oasis. The countryside is magic and wild like in Giara dei Gesturi, with its meadows and untamed horses. 

And then, the sea.

Everywhere is crystal blue like a sky turned upside down, lapping astonishing white or rose sandy beaches and scarlet cliffs, creeping into Cathedral-like caves. Indulge, take your time and have fun!


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