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Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia

The high wall of Carnic Alps protects and encloses the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a land full of whimsy and surprises. 

Trieste is one of the most elegant European cities, with its own, unique cosmopolitan charm, airy and bright, the northeaster, affectionately called Bora, spinning down from the wild and mysterious Carso plateau that surrounds the city. No wonder here sailing is THE sport and kids have breakfast with milk, cookies and close-haul lessons.

Inland Friuli is dotted by more than thousand castles and its capital, Udine, possesses an incredible number of Romanesque and Gothic churches and palaces, while Aquileia and Cividale are probably the greatest Italian testaments of the late Roman Empire history.

The rivers are wild and coarse as people of this region can be at a first glance but, don't be fooled, under the crusty surface beats a heart of gold and they will share the most incredible comfort-food you'll ever imagine: cjarson, sort of ravioli with sweet filling, frico, potatoes, onions and tasty Montasio cheese all cooked in a pan, some of most yummy soups you'll ever have and Prosciutto di San Daniele: forget the knife as here it served sliced as paper-thin and it melts in your mouth sweet and deliciously.

The region hosts probably some of the world finest white wines: Collio, a small half-moon shaped hilly countryside bordering Slovenia is the place to go if you are passionate about the great whites. From Dolegna del Collio to San Floriano del Collio, past Cormons, it is a barely 50 km road on rolling clad-vine hills where at each corner lies a small, family-run yet top-notch winery: just enter any and you won't go wrong. Prindis!


Trieste multi active trip for families and friends
Discover Trieste, on the quiet corner of North East Italy, elegant, cosmopolitan, airy and bright. Walk and bike on beautiful paths and learn about the gastronomical melting pot of this extraordinary place.

A tour of Friuli and Trieste
Great wines and delicious typical food will accompany you in your walking tour of Friuli and Trieste.


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