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Venezia and the Veneto

Veneto, the region of Venice, can be defined as a grammar of beauty: charming medieval walled towns and cities dot the land crossed by mighty rivers, a east-west line of gentle rolling hills covered in combed vineyards divide the plains from the majestic Dolomites, thousands of harmonious Reinassance villas completed with lush and fragrant gardens, give a vivid image to the best meaning of civilization, where urban life is blended into the rural life, nature domesticated to fulfill the dolce vita of Venetian patricians and relieve the stress from the daily life in a complicated city like Venice.  

And of course you come finally to Venice: like a poem this city requires Shelley’s suspension of disbelief: no one can be indifferent into coming to a city that is literally built on water...You'll wonder how those palaces and churches float on water with their imposing facades, cupolas and bell towers and yet cannot find an answer which doesn't involve the magic. 

As far as matter of taste Veneto is the winner-takes-it-all: endless food varieties are produced here from the red radicchio to the white asparagus, delicate olive oil, Asiago and Parmesan just the most popular in a long range of local cheeses, sopressa, prosciutto crudo, rice for risotto and polenta, only here you can find the white polenta. Venice triumphs with fish:sarde in saor, spider crab, moeche (baby crab) and everpresent baccala. The dessert list is too long to mention but one must be named as it was born here: Tiramisu. And then the wine list is rich too but pleases everybody from the sumptuous Amarone to the lively Prosecco. Cin Cin!

Biking Prosecco Hills
Join us in this perfect cycling - and culinary - adventure up and down the Prosecco Hills

Vespa tour on the Prosecco rolling hills

Venetian Rowing Lesson
Venetian rowing lesson

Biking in Venice islands
A fun day biking in Venice islands

Venetian stroll among chocolate and "baicoli" tasting
A fun walking tour in Venice to discover the secrets of chocolate, coffee and biscuits

Gondola Manifacture Visit
Private visit to the last gondola builder

Olive oil tasting
Private visit to artisanal family-run olive oil production farm


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