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Egyptian Museum Private

Close your eyes for a moment and expand all your other senses: you are about to embark on a journey through four millennia of fascinating, mysterious history in the most ancient Egyptian Museum in the world, whose collections are second only to those of the Cairo Museum, in Egypt.

Founded in 1824, the Egyptian Museum in Turin now hosts around 37 000 archaeological finds, among which you will be able to admire mummies, painted sarcophagi, invaluable papyri, monumental statues, jewels… and any other imaginable object for everyday - and afterlife - use.

Each object can tell your senses a story: the delicate designs of jewels and make-up palettes will speak you of incredible beauty; the fearsome hunting scenes will narrate you of countless brave adventures in the desert; the wondrous appearance of the gods will show you the unshakable faith of this ancient people in life beyond death.

In 2015 the Museum was reopened after a complete restyling and the collections are organised on four floors, which now include a new temporary exhibition hall, spaces for didactic experiences, meeting rooms and other special places dedicated to a full immersion in the Ancient Egyptian life and culture.

Each private visit of the Museum is customised to give you the best possible experience of the collections, under the guidance of an expert archaeologist, who will lead you through the halls and who will act as an intermediary between you and the millenary tales and legends of the displayed objects.

  • From
  • Start / Finish Turin
  • Activity Level
  • Length 2 hours


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